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Buy Time Live Life Founder Michelle Devonish

Concierge And Lifestyle Management With Buy Time Live Life

With Buy Time Live Life Founder Michelle Devonish pegged as one of London’s most promising new businesswomen. The leading concierge and lifestyle management provider is one of the nation’s most innovative new businesses and offers Brits the opportunity to hire professionals to complete errands and odd jobs in order to reclaim precious time.

Michelle's career began at the luxury brand Dunhill, and she then went on to work for other prestigious brands such as Nespresso coffee, Harrods, Selfridges and Burberry's. After taking a career break to nurse her terminally ill mother, Michelle then carved herself into a multifaceted mumpreneur and freelance events professional, UK and internationally. From the management and organisation of the cricket world cup (ICCC) mascot opening, to delivering creative consultancy to Antigua & Barbuda UK tourism.

Michelle then developed her own business Flambeau Events, which allowed Brits to have their bespoke wedding designed at literally any location in Antigua or Barbados, without the typical conveyor belt wedding offered at the hotels. Michelle has not stopped there, and has also become a speaker and motivator for start-up businesses.

After launching earlier this year, Michelle’s newest venture Buy Time Live Life has gone on to emerge as an invaluable asset for Londoners with hectic schedules. Michelle was one of these endlessly occupied capital dwellers which inspired her to create a service that offered everyday Brits the chance to buy a little extra time when it is needed most.

From picking up the dry cleaning to having a virtual PA on hand when the to-do list piles up, Michelle and her company is helping Londoners de-stress and improve their work/life balance.

Emma Jones

Michelle & Emma Say

“As a female entrepreneurs, we have gone through the struggles ourselves trying to manage our work/life balance to ensure we spend enough quality time with our families. Our message to all is – don’t try and do it all yourselves. Outsourcing can be a godsend, so we set up our business to allow you more time on what's important to you.”